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Current Group Members 

Yanlin Shi.jpg

Dr Yanlin Shi

Postdoc Research Fellow

Yanlin graduated from Shanghai University with a Master in Material Science and a PhD from the University of Queensland in 2022. He joined the group in September 2023.


Chanaka J. Mudugamuwa

PhD Student, 2023

Chanaka is working on the biopolymer-based rechargeable batteries.


Alan Koger

Master Student

Allan's project is about the development of polymer anode materials.


Imogen Smith

PhD Student, 2023

Imogen is working on polymer-supported catalysts for electrochemical synthesis.


Nanduni Gamage

Master Student, 2023

Nanduni is working on aqueous polymer-Zn ion batteries.


Karan Ghandi

Master Student

Karan is working on synthesising radical polymers by rapid ionic polymerization at ambient conditions.

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