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  • 2022  Flinders University Innovation Partnership Seed Grant (IPSG)

  • 2022  Research Contract with one.five GmBH "Proof-of-concept demonstration of seaweed bioplastic coatings for food packaging"

  • 2021  Cross-college Collaborative Project CSE-CMPH "Develop high value-added biomaterials from marine biomass" 

  • 2021 France-Australia Collaborative Program IRN-FACES “Development of New Environmentally Friendly Polymer-Zn Ion Batteries” 

  • 2020 ARC LIEF “Revitalizing facilities for nuclear magnetic resonance in South Australia” led by the University of Adelaide

  • 2020-2022 Flinders University Start-up Fund,

  • 2017-2019 “Cheaper and Safer Flow Battery for Micro-Grid Energy Storage” Advance Queensland Research Fellowship, 

  • 2016 “Development of a Totally Plastic Rechargeable Battery” UQFREA

  • 01/2014~12/2017 “Engineered Polymer Scaffolds for Controlled Proliferation of Stem Cells” ARC Future Fellowship

  • 03/2009 ~02/2012 “Synthesis of polymeric dendritic degradable macromolecules for targeted magnetic nanoparticles imaging and anticancer drug delivery” UQ Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • 12/2011 UQ Trans-Pacific Fellowship

  • 11/2010 UQ Early Career Researcher Award

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