Current members

Chanaka Jeewantha Mudugamuwa Hewa Kankanamge 


Abeysinghe Mudalige Thidas Nimnaka Abeysinghe

Polymer electrochemistry

Imogen Smith 
Honours (Joint with A/Prof Martin Johnston)

Polymer electrochemistry

Peng Su
Research Assistant (Joint with Prof Wei Zhang)

Marine biomass polymers

Past members

Yasser Sallum M Alotaibi
Dr Sanaz Naghibi
Cagdas Cetin
Dr Yuan Xie
Dr Kai Zhang
Ryan Shapter
MPh (2020-2021)
Casual Research Fellow (2020-2021)
Master Project (UQ, 2016)
PhD (UQ, 2018-2021) Postdoc at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
PhD (UQ, 2015-2018), Postdoc at John Hopkins University,
Currently Lecturer at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Honours (Joint with A/Prof Justin Chalker)

Radical chemistry